Manila To Boracay – How To Plan Your Holiday!

If you’re thinking of a holiday to Boracay, and wondering what the best way is to get from Manila to Boracay, then you’ve come to the right place! Here you’ll find everything you need to know on how to get from Manila to Boracay, where to stay and what to do on Boracay Island!

manila to borocay
Boracay Island, Philippines

Manila to Boracay

First things first, you’re going to have to get yourself from Manila to Boracay, and luckily there are a couple of great options on flights from Manila to Boracay. You may not realise it, but Boracay doesn’t have an airport on the island. You’ll need to fly to the neighbouring island of Panay, where you can then take a boat across to Boracay island.

There are two airports on Panay island: Caticlan and Kalibo. The flight time to either is 1 hour. First let’s talk about the closest airport to Boracay island, Caticlan Airport.

Caticlan Airport (otherwise known as Boracay Airport or Godofredo P. Ramos Airport) is the closest airport to Boracay island, and the one we would absolutely recommend you fly into from Manila. The transfer from this airport is much quicker and easier than Kalibo airport (approximately 30 minutes), and if you book a transfer through your airline, you can be off your plane and at your resort in no time! 

manila to boracay
Boracay / Caticlan Airport

You could also fly into Kalibo, which is further away from Boracay but offers different flight options. From here you can still pay for a transfer to take you all the way to your resort, but the journey takes a lot longer (1.5 – 2 hours extra each way). Our advice would be to check flights to Caticlan first, and if that isn’t working out for you, try Kalibo. 

Once you’ve reached the Panay boat terminal (from either Caticlan or Kalibo), you’ll need to take a short 20 minute boat ride to the island. We would recommend using Southwest Tours who offer a door-to-door service from the airport to your hotel on Boracay for a reasonable price.

manila to boracay
Typical boat transport to Boracay Island

Where To Stay On Boracay

Once you’ve made it to Boracay, where should you stay? If you’re not planning on staying at the big resorts, you have three main areas to choose from on white beach, the most famous beach on the island. So you’ll need to decide between station 1, station 2 and station 3. 

Our pick? We stayed at the South end of the beach near station 3. It was by far the quietest end of the beach, and didn’t have any loud bars or parties going on late into the night. Station 2 is far more livelier, has more people there, more bars, more music and more choice. We didn’t spend much time in station 2 as it wasn’t what we wanted, but if you want to be near the D’mall, then this would be the place to stay. Station 1 was also mixed, but generally quieter than station 2. Station 1 would be our second choice behind our first choice of Station 3. 

manila to boracay
Quiet and peaceful Station 3, Boracay

The other advantage of staying at Station 3 is that you’ll find many more budget accommodation options here, particularly during high season (October to May). Use the link below to search and book accommodation on Boracay.

Looking For Accommodation On Boracay?

If you’re looking for some accommodation options in Boracay or elsewhere in the Philippines, we recommend you check out Agoda. Whenever we’re making plans for a new destination, we always research the accommodation options first to check what’s available. That’s just our travel style. If you want to get some accommodation ideas on Boracay, or anywhere else in the Philippines, check out the options below!

manila to boracay

manila to boracay

Top Things To Do On Boracay

So you’ve made it from Manila to Boracay, and you’ve found a place to stay, what are the top things to do on Boracay? Here’s some of the best!

  • Relaxing…uh isn’t this why everyone goes?!
  • Eating & Drinking (our favourite activities!)
  • Island Hopping
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Parasailing
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkelling
  • Massage
  • Diving
  • Boat Trips

Other Top Tips For Travelling From Manila To Boracay

If possible, we’d recommend booking a seat on the left hand side of the plane as on a clear day, you get an amazing view of Boracay island as you come into land on Panay!

manila to boracay
Aerial view of Boracay Island

Most of the boat transfers to Boracay involve riding a small and basic local boat (known as a ‘banca’) which have small steps to board, therefore we’d recommend taking luggage than can be easily carried or with back straps to make it easier to get on and off the boat!

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